Chocolate woodland cake with red polka dot cake bunting

Woodland Party

I was very happy when my daughter recently expressed an interest in having a woodland themed party for her 7th birthday and I decided to bite the bullet and have it at home. I felt the theme was perfect for Autumn and would create a cosy atmosphere. Giving that we live in a smallish terraced house and were going to invite 12 children it certainly was going to be cosy! We started with the invites and decided that little toadstools would set the scene nicely. Next came decisions about what activities to have on offer and after much discussion it was decided that it would be nice if all the children decorated a felt crown when they arrived which they could then wear for the rest of the party. I bought a pile of felt in autumnal colours and made the basic crowns and then sourced various stickers and embellishments with a woodland theme for the party guests to use to decorate them. Next we made a selection of Mibo 'Forest Friends' that I downloaded from their website. These were really cute, perfect for our theme and ended up being good value for money as you can print off as many as you want. They were quite fiddly but looked good when finished. I had made some earlier which I used to decorate the mantelpiece. In order to transform the table from craft table to woodland tea party table we thought it would be a good idea to get the little ones outside so we devised a treasure hunt in the back garden. This involved them having to find a whole host of cuddly woodland animals who wanted to come to the party. image In addition to this we organised a leaf lucky dip. We filled our empty paddling pool with leaves and hid a variety of small plastic frogs and butterflies etc within the leaves for the children to find. This all gave me just enough time to set the table. We chose a green tablecloth with red and white polka dot plates and cups all provided by The Party Pirate. My daughter and I created a centrepiece using some small branches hung with woodland themed decorations. This cost nothing as I used quite a few Christmas decorations and also cut pictures out from off cuts of wrapping paper. image We made hot dogs for tea to warm them up but also made things like grape caterpillars and toadstool fairy cakes to to keep them amused. Then it was time for the cake, a little woodland scene depicted on a yummy chocolate cake.The party guests loved it. After tea there was just enough time for them to run around the house in a sugar induced frenzy before they each toddled off home carrying their knapsack style party bags on their shoulders, a lovely sight. You can buy all the supplies you need for your own woodland party from The Party Pirate
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