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Smiley Face Cookies

I treated myself to a set of these super cute smiley face cookie cutters from Lakeland last weekend, (you can never have too many cookie cutters or pretty cupcake cases right?). So since our eldest is having a friend round for tea today, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try them out. You get 8 cutters, 4 with faces and 4 matching backs. It was a bit of a shame that the set didn't come with a suggested recipe, but I just used my trusted sugar cookie recipe which I know won't rise or spread when cooked, so the shapes you cut stay perfect. I rolled the dough quite thin as you don't want the biscuit to be too thick once you sandwich 2 together. We cut out enough faces and backs for 12 cookies, (it's a bit tricky getting the dough out of the eyes and mouths after, but a small skewer did the trick). Then popped them in the oven until golden. The photo on the box shows biscuits with jam and cream, but I wasn't sure what to use for the cream (buttercream maybe?), so I just used some of our homemade strawberry jam. I put quite a lot of jam so it would squeeze up through the eyes and mouths. I think they look pretty cool, the acid test will be when the girls get home from school!
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