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Party Cakes Galore - From The Fairy to Pearl Lowe

Please forgive the silence last week, but I was a bit tied up in the cake making department! It was The Fairy's 3rd birthday party last Saturday and if it was a princess cake she wanted, then a princess cake she was going to have. After two attempts at the actual cake (the first one took nearly two hours to cook and burnt all over, resulting in having to make four separate cakes with only one cake tin. Stressful? Noooo!) and a good dose of blood, sweat and tears, I did it!Somebody commented that she looked like she'd eaten all the pies (how rude!), but I put it down to the fact that she was wearing a Crinoline under her skirt! So there! But it wasn't just me who was up until the early hours of Saturday morning with a spatula and a cake whisk. One friend was building the ultimate princess castle with coloured-sugar-dipped turrets, while another made her son's lightsaber cake, but managed to persuade Hannah at Bath Babycakes to ice and decorate it at the very last minute. I have already decided on my cake for next year. I am going to take a leaf out of Pearl Lowe's book and go for understated, which is what she did for her daughter, Betty Lowe's, 6th birthday at the weekend. So pretty, so delicious and a lot less work!
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