mermaid cake blowing out candles

Mermaid Party

Since her 3rd birthday, our youngest has been adamant that her next party would be a mermaid theme, having a whole year to plan certainly makes it a lot easier than trying to pull a party together in a matter of days. A few weeks before we made these shell party invites to give out to her friends. We also made some mermaid style party crowns, by simply glueing some pretty starfish and seashells to sparkly gold glitter crowns. We'd planned for the colour scheme to be mostly sea greens and blues but with a bit of silver and gold sparkle thrown in for good measure! Since we were having the party at home, I was able to start on the decorations a couple of days before the party. We had lots of streamers around the window where the children would sit to eat, and we added some clear bubble balloons to add to the watery effect. You can buy your Mermaid Party Supplies from the party pirate store. Here is just a sample of some of the key products we used to style this party. We dressed the table with a blue tablecover and a hessian runner to give a sandy effect, we have a large box of seashells in our craft materials which were perfect for dotting here and there over the runner. We used our favourite glass milk bottles for drinks, but dressed them up with some pretty bits of blue ribbon and twine, paper flowers and little shell picks. It took quite a while to find the perfect plates as we didn't want to go down the "little mermaid" route, and finally came across these fabulous blue chevron plates which we are now stocking on The Party Pirate website, along with matching napkins and dessert cups. We tried to keep to the mermaid theme with the food too. We had starfish shaped sandwiches, goldfish crisps, blue fish bowl jelly, shell cookies, blue cupcakes with sweetie foam shrimps and even found a great place that sold edible chocolate pebbles! The birthday cake was the final part of the meal, this took a lot of planning and creating, but we were really pleased with how it turned out. Then after the food we did some mermaid themed crafts. We made paper plate fish, and decorated wooden treasure chests, then we went on a treasure hunt round the house to find treasure to put in the chests, the children loved this activity and every time they won a prize in a game they kept putting it in their treasure chests. Next we played a game of pass the parcel, using the whimsicle wonder ball, these are great fun, the children love unwrapping the many layers and enjoy playing with the leftover wrappings afterwards, and best of all it takes no preparation as it comes ready wrapped! Then a game of islands and a fish themed memory game to wind down. Then we handed out the party bags. We'd made personalised bags by attaching a fabric initial to each of the bags and filling them with a wooden mermaid finger puppet, a fortune teller fish, a chocolate fish, a candy necklace, a seashell bracelet, some fish stickers and a little seaside confetti for good measure. Everyone seemed to have a great time which I think is always quite an achievement with young children! You can buy the following supplies that we used from The Party Pirate Store.
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