felt fortune cookies

Felt Fortune Cookies

With Chinese New Year fast approaching why not have a go at making these great felt fortune cookies. These were simple and satisfying to make and I made them with my 6 year old daughter who really enjoyed it. You will need the following, a few sheets of felt in various colours, we used red, orange and yellow especially for Chinese New Year, a cup or mug to draw around , a pair of scissors, a pencil and a stapler. Using the cup mark out circles on the felt and cut them out. Next take each circle of felt and fold in half. Once folded staple together as shown. Then you need to fold each side up and over the stapled centre. Repeat this process until you have a nice little pile of cookies like this. It is now time to print or write out your messages of good fortune. We mixed these up with some forfeits for added fun so that we could use them as a game at our Chinese New Year party. Cut your fortunes into small strips and pop one into the middle of each cookie. You can pass around your felt fortune cookies in a wok, a bamboo steamer or little takeaway containers like this. With thanks to www.colourmethere.com for the inspiration.
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