Christmas penguin and snowman decorations

Cute Christmas Egg Head Decorations

Our eldest was tasked with making a Christmas tree decoration for a competition school this year and the results are so sweet, I've persuaded her to let me post them here for others to see.

The idea was very simple, she used some of our left over plastic easter eggs and covered them with white acrylic paint to make a good base for drawing on. I guess you could paper cache them too, but paint worked quite well.

egg The she used sharpies to draw the characters on. So far she's made a snowman and a penguin, but has ideas to do Santa, an elf, a robin, an angel, christmas pudding, reindeer - I think we may have to start a zoo! She used my glue gun to swirl a pipe cleaner on the top with a sparkly pom pom to make a wooly hat. You could probably do something similar with an old sock or piece of fabric too or some of those cute hats you get on the smoothie bottles too! pipe cleaners and pom-poms Then the little dangly legs are simply a piece of thread or elastic with some beads, it really doesn't matter what size or colour, just make sure they are long enough so they dangly well. These were glued inside the top of the egg. Dangly leg beads You can then customise and embellish them however you like, she added a little bow to the penguin, but you could just rummage in your craft supplies for anything like buttons, bells, sequins whatever would make your decoration unique. You could add a loop to hang on a tree, but we quite like them sat down with their legs dangling over the mantlepiece. I think they look really cute and easy for children of all ages to make. We'll definitely be trying some more characters!
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