flower cookies cups

Cookie Cups

We first saw this idea on http://www.wilton.com/recipe/Sugar-Cookie-Bowls which suggested baking cookie dough over the outside of cake tins to make edible pudding bowls. We used a double quantity of our normal soft cookie dough recipe and added some chopped up flakes of chocolate for extra yumminess. This is a really easy recipe for young children to make as they can help with the measuring and mixing and love getting their hands messy to squish together the cookie dough. Next we rolled it to about the thickness of your little finger, because we had so much dough we did this in 2 batches. We wanted to try making 2 different sized cookie cups, so we used a muffin tin for one and a petit four tin to make tiny ones. Because the muffin tins were so large, we didn't have a big enough cutter for the dough so we cut around a small plate. Then we placed the dough circles over the outside of the upside down muffin tins, no need to grease them first. Then for the smaller tin we experimented with a flower cutter to give the bowl a scalloped edge. We baked the cookies for around 12 minutes and left them to cool and harden completely before taking them off the tins. Then for the fun bit, filling the bowls! We decided to make the little cups into mini cookie cupcakes, so we mixed up some butter icing (pink at my daughters request) and piped it into the bowls, then topped with some sprinkles and decorations. The larger bowls we filled with scoops of vanilla icing and fresh fruit for a yummy dessert. The finished result, they didn't hang around long! The floral decoration makes a perfect effect for a vintage tea party.
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