fortune cookie cupcakes

Chinese New Year Cupcakes

We always gather together for a meal to celebrate Chinese New Year in our family and this year I wanted to make some cakes to have as part of our Chinese banquet. I decided to try my version of the fortune cookie cupcakes found here. and started by making a simple batch of fairy cakes with buttercream icing. Building on the red and gold theme associated with CNY I unwrapped lots of fortune cookies and sprayed them with a fab edible gold spray. I then placed a sprayed fortune cookie on top of each buttercream swirl and added a little sprinkling of red cake glitter as an extra bit of sparkle. As 2014 is the Chinese year of the horse I decided to make some horse cake pics. Using a horse design palm punch I created tiny red paper horses that I stuck to cocktail sticks. Finally I added the cake pics along with some gold star sparklers to suggest Chinese firecrackers and set them aside until Lois got back from school. I said she could try one and she really loved the little bonus of the paper fortune in the cookie and the sparkler that she lit after eating her cake! Gong Xi Fa Cai.
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