Alice in Wonderland cake decorations

Alice in Wonderland Party

With a daughter named Alice it was probably inevitable that we would end up having an Alice in Wonderland party sooner of later. And this was what she asked for for her 7th birthday. We decided to host the party at home so we could plan all the decorations and activities around the Alice in Wonderland theme.

You Are Invited to a Fabulous Tea Party

The first thing to plan were the invitations, we wanted these to be an introduction to the party theme, so we designed little Alice in Wonderland Tea Party tickets with all the party information. To make it more fun, we packaged these in a little cardboard box that we stamped with the guests name and added a little teacup sticker. We then filled the box with a little sweet, party blower, balloon and some Alice in Wonderland confetti. Alice party invite Party invite boxes You can buy your Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies from the party pirate store. Here is just a sample of some of the key products we used to style this party.

Decorating Inspiration For The Perfect Alice Themed Birthday Tea Party

On the day of the party, we spend the morning decorating and laying out the table for tea. The table was quite easy to pull together, we went for an eclectic feel by using lots of our pretty plates and cake stands that we already had at home. To these we added some black and white paper plates and Alice in Wonderland napkins. We covered the table in a simple roll of brown wrapping paper and a grass table runner that we already owned. I rummaged through the drawers for any other suitable table decorations and found some melamine teacups and these cute grass flocked bunnies from Easter that looked great with everything else. For the rest of the decorations we strung vintage bunting and black and red balloons and stuck giant playing cards to the back of the chairs. With an Alice in Wonderland theme there are so many different characters that you can take inspirations from, it was really easy to create a fun whimsical look. Party table Alice in Wonderland Party Food

Eat Me. Drink Me. Curiouser and curiouser!

For the party food, we went for the usual party basics like sandwiches, pizza etc, but added our own Alice elements with jam tarts and we make little teapot shaped cookies with everyones name stamped into them which were really popular. We even made our own special drink by adding a little colouring to some flavoured water. Alice teapot biscuitPlate of jam tarts

Alice Party Games Fit For A Wonderland

When the guests arrived, we went straight into the party games. These had all been taken from the Alice in Wonderland story too. We started by playing a game of croquet with an inflatable flamingo, this was so popular I think we could have just played this all afternoon, we made the game by making hoops out of strips of thing coloured card and using the flamingo to hit a small plastic ball through.
Flamingo Croquet Flamingo croquet was a massive hit!
Next we let everyone loose in the garden for a "caucus race" our version of this was basically like musical chairs, the children danced round and round in circles and when the music stopped, they had to try and stand inside one of the hoops on the ground. We took a hoop away each time and it was quite hilarious to try and watch them all try and squeeze into one hoop at the end.
Caucus Races Time for a caucus race!

Time For Some Mad Hatter Style Party Craft Activities

Back inside then for some craft activities, we made Mad Hatter's hats using all kinds of wacky decorations. I love the shots of them all with their hats on at the end and seeing how different they all turned out.
Mad Hatters We're all Mad Hatters here.
Then we paused for a break and some food, which as usual was devoured in a matter of seconds.
Alice in Wonderland Party table The tea party in full swing.
Party table All guests suitably impressed.

Even the Queen of Hearts Would Be Impressed With The Ultimate Alice In Wonderland Birthday Cake

Then cake time for the grand finale! We had decided to make a miniature tea party cake. The cake itself was pretty simple, just carefully arranged fondant to look like a table cloth. The fiddly bit were the decorations which we made by hand out of fondant and then handprinted the details on to, we did these quite a few days in advance though to give us plenty of time to correct and mistakes.
Alice in Wonderland cake The ultimate Alice In Wonderland Birthday Cake? We sure think so!
Alice in Wonderland cake decorations All these miniature Mad Hatter's tea party cake decorations were made by hand with fondant icing!
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